A quick hitch allows you to quickly switch between tools and accessories when you're working around your farm. This makes your life a lot easier. You can even use a hitch to attach a new piece of equipment without having to leave your tractor cab.

Before you choose a hitch, it's a good idea to look at available features to make sure you get the most effective option. Which features are good to have?

1. Safety Locks

It's important that your hitch locks effectively. You don't want a large attachment or tool coming loose as you work. This could damage the equipment, its surroundings or anyone around it.

Some quick hitches come with a dual-locking system. These products have individual locking pins that securely connect your tractor and its attachment. They usually lock automatically and have an indicator that shows you when the locks are engaged.

If something goes wrong, then the locks should stay shut. They hold the attachment in place and keep it in a safe position until you can sort the problem out. For example, if a connecting hose breaks on an attachment, then the attachment might swing loose or come off its pin completely. This kind of locking system prevents that from happening.

2. Failure Indicator

Not all attachment hitching problems are immediately obvious. You may well spot a broken hose as soon as it happens because it has an extreme effect on the attachment; however, you might not notice minor issues straight away.

It's worth looking for a hitch that has a failure indicator. When there is a problem, this kind of hitch will restrict the way the attachment or tool moves. This tells you that you need to stop using it and investigate what's wrong.

3. Universal Coupling

If all your attachments and tools come from the same manufacturer, then you just need to attach a hitch that fits their design. However, you've probably bought pieces from different manufacturers over the years or may switch to a new company in the future. Some of these pieces might not fit on all quick hitches.

Some hitches come with universal coupling. They generally work with any product from any manufacturer as long as the tool or attachment meets their weight restrictions.

To find out more about quick hitches and their features, contact your farm equipment supplier. They can help you select the right hitch for your tractor and any tools or accessories you use on it.